… to the woods my friends  !


I am Dr Alcofribas and this blog is the only way I found to share the chess mess living in my mind.

In the woods you’ll find puzzles, pictures, links to videos, openings (more or less original), ideas, little stories… with – I hope – enough humor to make vous smile once a while.
And not only chess, because chess is life, but life is not only chess

We’ll see

Why in the woods  ?
– because I have the chance to live in the woods (in the south of Toulouse, France)
– because playing chess in the woods can’t be serious
– because you can often find unexpected things in the woods

If you feel well around here but don’t care about chess, you still have the possibility to click on “Not Only Chess “in the “Categories” block.

Whatever you do, have fun.



PS: This blog is not commercial. This blog makes extensive use of multi-media material, especially photos, music and videos. With respect to photos, whenever possible, I credit sources and give links to the original author.  The practice of ‘fair use’ is strictly followed.  I ask permission of copyrighted material when  I am in doubt.
Of course, since I am not a lawyer I am not infallible. If you find that one of your photos appears on this blog, and you feel that it is unauthorized, please inform me and I will immediately remove this material.  Thank you !”

For example, this text in italic has been stolen to the excellent (and so hot !) Kevin Spraggett’s chess site ! So Kevin, please tell me if I have to remove it.